Crystal Clear Photography

Crystal Clear Photography was designed to provide photography services for the creative solopreneur or small business owner. In an effort to do so Crystal Clear Photography provides many options to support the business owners in achieving a look that fits their brand, personality and helps them reach their audience in a new and fun way. Crystal Clear Photography does this through lifestyle business images, headshots, workshops and styled stock photography.

CrystalHollmanCrystal Hollman is a professional, fun and real life Mom Boss. She’s raising 2 little girls, while wearing many hats including Cancer Mom. Crystal manages to do it all while running her photography business that she designed to help others like herself get the branded photos they need. As Crystal’s business has grown and changed over the years, she has found new and fun ways of getting images in the hands of the Solopreneur or Small Business Owner while educating them on how, when and where they can use them. She has gone as far as creating fun hands-on workshops, mentoring, free do-it-yourself worksheets, and writing instructional and informative blogs. Crystal dreams of her business reaching all of the creative business owners in the Phoenix community and empowering them to grow through their images.

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Personal fashion stylist Loren North is a former geologist who traded in her steel toed boots for high heels to pursue her passion for saving the planet by changing how we style, care and shop for our clothes.

She works with women and men who are frustrated with what’s in their closets, feel like they have nothing to wear, and usually don’t like to shop or don’t have time to go shopping.  Loren teaches her clients what works for their bodies, restyles their clothing in new ways allowing them to extract value from what they already own and shows them how to shift their shopping habits so they are more sustainable.

After working with Loren, her clients look pulled together, feel more confident and comfortable, and dress with ease. Her company is a personal styling consultancy focused on helping professional men and women show up powerfully each day looking confident and comfortable because their style and clothes work for them. Visit Loren’s website to learn more about how she can help you.

LorenNorthLoren’s personal journey to becoming a personal stylist started with shopping at thrift stores and consignment stores. She used to shop at typical retail stores but realized nothing in these stores was inspiring, but it was easy. She was in a style and shopping rut.

After a few years of casually shopping secondhand and increasing the amount of clothing she purchased from secondhand sources, Loren realized the huge amount of surplus clothes and accessories that are available. She also noticed that her style started to evolve and improve, as she wore the secondhand items to experiment and upgrade her style. The ah-ha moment came when she started to receive compliments on her outfits from strangers. The best part? Most of these clothes were from thrift stores.

She decided she wanted to bring that experience to her clients. She wanted them gain the confidence that comes from having the “right” outfit to wear, feel good about their bodies, and she wanted to show them how shopping at consignment stores is better for their style and the planet.

Loren’s mission is to change the way people think about their clothes, where they buy them, and make more conscious shopping decisions.

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