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Creating a system for a better organized home, office, finances, LIFE can be daunting, but this segment’s guests broke it down into simple steps.

On this episode of 3C Amplified guests Debbi Bertolet, owner of Organized Inside And Out and Katie Thomas, owner of Diamond J Accounting, LLC inspire listeners to get organized in their home, their business and their finances.

Tune in now to learn how to cut through your clutter and make a difference by donating your unwanted items to a nonprofit. Katie also talks about the Arizona tax credit and the benefits individuals and businesses can take advantage of simply by choosing to donate up to $1800 a year to a qualifying charity.

Organized Inside and Out is a residential organizing and landscaping business established five years ago by Debbi Bertolet to encompass her variety of interests in the OrganizedInsideandOutservice of others. She enjoys helping people ages 15 to 90 with their homes and gardens, and specializes in working with individuals with chronic disorganization, hoarding disorder, depression, or physical challenges. Services offered by Organized Inside and Out include residential organizing, downsizing and move management, and landscaping and yard maintenance. Garages, sheds, yard, and messy projects are Debbi’s favorites, but she is good with paper management as well.

Debbi-Bertolet-on-Business-RadioXDebbi Bertolet is a former high school educator who started doing this type of work alongside her students as they all volunteered to help senior citizens tidy up their yards. After retirement in 2011, she sought training as a professional organizer and opened Organized Inside and Out. Debbi is an active participant in NAPO (the National Association of Organizing and Productivity Professionals) and ICD (the Institute for Challenging Disorganization). She has also volunteered over 1500 hours at the Desert Botanical Garden and is a member of the Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent Society. Debbi is happy to help your sort your piles, plan your move, and play with your cactus!

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Diamond J Accounting is a boutique accounting firm focusing on providing clients a holistic approach to their business needs including: comprehensive accounting services, strategic planning, financial analysis, compliance monitoring, and general business consulting.

Combined, this father-daughter team has over 50 years combined experience working with business of all sizes, but have found their passion helping business owners/decision makers and nonprofits.

The philosophy at Diamond J Accounting is that the best run businesses are those where the owners have the necessary information that is accurate and readily available to enable them to make the best business decisions, but that most business owners have better things to be doing than worrying about their accounting. 

In fact, most business owners admit that accounting “isn’t their thing” and either spend way too much time trying to do it themselves, or, worse yet, ignore it completely until it’s time to file annual taxes. Diamond J Accounting can help by taking allowing these businesses to outsource their accounting work – they cover everything from bookkeeping, on-site support, process improvement, accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, and general business consulting.

Katie-Thomas-on-Business-RadioXKatie Thomas is a mama, accountant, and the owner of her own firm, Diamond J Accounting. After graduating in 2007 from Arizona State University with two B.S. Degrees in Accountancy and in Finance and a minor in Spanish, Katie began her career as a corporate auditor. She soon developed her skill for finding finance problems into a desire to help clients preventatively, so she moved to a different firm which would allow her to do that. However, after being laid off three times in her short career, Katie took the leap to start her own firm. Dedicated to helping heart-minded businesses and nonprofits succeed financially, she now thrives on solving complex finance issues and creating a sense of ease for her clients.

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