because Event Space (“because” stands for beauty and events for a cause), is a family-owned Phoenix event venue that gives back to seven local charities in a major way.

The space’s success is largely due to its generous heart. For every event booked in the Phoenix event space, 10 percent of your booking cost goes back to a charity of your choice. Patrons can choose becauseLogoBLKGRYfrom seven different charities – The Arizona Humane Society, Children’s Cancer Network, Owl Love Your Forever, Vet Tix, Phoenix Rescue Mission, Hustle Phoenix or Chrysalis. If a nonprofit books the space, 10 percent of their booking cost goes back to their own charity.

In addition to giving back, because is focused on enriching the space with local art from dozens of Valley artists. The walls are lined with original, colorful works that brighten the clean, stunningly decorated space.

The space itself has so many flexible options for events, from weddings to film screenings. There is a theater, cocktail space, rooms for brides and grooms to get ready, business meeting spaces and much, much more.

because is the passion project of the Sweet family, who truly live up to their name. The family owns automätik, the award-winning, all-encompassing automotive training facility directly next door to because.

Dominique-Hypolite-with-because-event-space-on-Business-RadioXWith a past life as a dancer and musician and over 15 years of customer service experience, Dominique Hypolite is a kind of because renaissance-woman performer/musician/logistics genie. Known to friends as Dee, she is as inimitable as they come! Born in Germany, and raised in Beantown, this Southie has been all over the map—Chicago, Houston, and Missoula each hold a spot in her heart, but more recently Dominique calls Phoenix home. No stranger to the spotlight, Dee is not afraid to bust a move when the mood strikes her, reliving her stint dancing with the prestigious Boston Ballet, no doubt. Whether ballet to breakdance to coordinating the fine details of an event, Dominique has got all the right moves!

Born with a servant’s heart, Dee has spent most of her life giving back, volunteering for many charities, and organizations. From balancing several events into perfect harmony, to finding the perfect florist, Dee has a lock on all things logistics. She’s here at because to help make your vision become a reality! Taking charge behind the scenes, and serving as a “human arrow” from time to time, has opened her eyes to a career that fits her creative, eclectic personality to a “T”. Through all the chaos that comes with event support, Dominique still finds time to relax and enjoy her family. With two amazing kids, plus all things because, there is never a dull moment in her life—and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Owl Love You Forever’s hope is to create a memorable and positive hospital experience for families that lose their baby before, during, or shortly after giving birth. We provide boxes with OwlLoveLogoBadge-2meaningful items for the families, including specially designed blanket sets and a soft stuffed owl. Help us fill these grieving mom’s arms by donating online today.

Shayla-Van-Hofwegen-with-Owl-Love-You-Forever-on-Business-RadioXShayla Van Hofwegen, along with her husband Arie, founded Owl Love You Forever to help turn tragedy into joy after saying having to say goodbye just a few hours after her twin’s birth.

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