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Mary-Hall-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXMary Hall’s professional experience includes being the co-founder of a national credit counseling and debt-management company that grew from a few family members to over 500 employees who served over a million clients struggling with consumer debt. Serving as the COO, Mary spearheaded Culture Development Programs that lead to four Best Place to Work Awards, three BBB Ethics Awards and two Presidential Points of Light awards for Volunteerism.

Mary served on the BBB Board of Directors for eight years and has served three times as a judge for the Most Admired Companies Awards. She is a Conscious Capitalism Ambassador and a Best CompaniesAZ Strategic Partner.

Her academic background includes a BA in Accounting, CPA from Montana State University and a Masters in Nonprofit Studies from the ASU Lodestar Center. Mary founded CultureWise Consulting to help companies create meaningful cultures that focus on Purpose, Values, Employee Engagement and Fulfillment.

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HandsOn Greater Phoenix is a nonprofit volunteer management organization that addresses community needs by coordinating volunteer opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. HandsOn partners with a wide range of community service organizations and government agencies to tackle issues like homelessness, hunger, education, animal welfare, environmental challenges, and more.

Rhonda OliverĀ is the President/CEO of HandsOn Greater Phoenix where she has worked for the last 19 years advancing volunteerism to solve critical community needs.

Before joining the nonprofit sector 20 years ago at The Arizona Humane Society, Rhonda worked for several years in the private sector as a marketing professional.

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