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For Goodness Cakes

For Goodness Cakes is a Non Profit started in CA by Jaime Lehman to partner agency’s with volunteer bakers to bake and delivery home made birthday cakes to foster and underserved children.

Jodi-Shaw-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXLeslie Nilsen is a 20 year self employed Mortgage Broker. She has lived in Arizona since 1990.

In 2018 Leslie had a client moving from California who was adamant about purchasing a home in Arizona with a gourmet kitchen. When Leslie asked her why, she said she bakes birthday cakes for foster children in California. THAT was right up her alley.

Leslie knew then that she needed to find a way to do that in Arizona, and in March, 2019, she opened the Arizona Chapter of For Goodness Cakes.

Leslie has an amazing son, Dominic and a 2 year old English Setter/Border Collie named Oliver.

Leslie-Nilsen-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioX1Jodi Shaw is a volunteer baker for the Arizona Chapter of For Goodness Cakes.

To become a volunteer baker, you’ll have to attend an orientation – and you can find one near you here. Once you become a volunteer you’ll be emailed access to our Task Calendar which has all the baking opportunities on it.

This updates periodically as agencies submit their requests throughout the month. You can sign up for whichever cake you’re able to bake and deliver – rinse and repeat!

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