Episode 32 Candice Liozu with Foster360 and Robert Rhoton with Arizona Trauma Institute

Foster360 is a program dedicated to helping youth aging out of foster care create successful and fulfilling lives. Through our team of dedicated navigators, we help youth avoid homelessness and sex trafficking by connecting them to existing resources that will empower them in reaching their personal goals.

Candice-Liozu-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXCandice Liozu spent the majority of her career in the for-profit global consulting industry, working for major corporations such as Saint-Gobain and SAP. In 2017, she realized that the time had come for her to use her business background to benefit those who need it most.

In Arizona, she found out that 50% of the youth aging out of foster care would end up homeless by their 20th birthday. A third of these homeless youth will be victim of sex trafficking. That is when she found her purpose.

For the past 2 years, she has been working towards building a program, Foster360, that helps this vulnerable population navigate through the services at their disposal to help them create a successful and fulfilling life. At Foster360, they fight for youth to avoid homelessness and sex trafficking by helping them connect with services within their community.

Candice’s main purpose is to create equal opportunity for all youth, regardless of their background and social status. She believes that by helping today’s youth become productive members of society, the tragic cycle of poverty, homelessness and desperation can be broken to create a new generational path.

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Arizona Trauma Institute is the leader in Trauma Sensitive Care in Arizona. We offer community trainings that focus on individuals increasing their knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), stress as a physiological response, and healing as a collaborative process. ATILogonew

These classes are designed to help you develop an understanding of trauma and teach how to recognize when trauma has occurred. After taking these classes caregivers see an increase in the intimacy they share with their children, professionals are able to increase their effectiveness in helping their clients, and clients see a growth in their own treatment progression.

Robert-Rhoton-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXDr. Robert Rhoton, CEO of Arizona Trauma Institute and President at the Trauma Institute International possesses a rich history of experience in the mental health field. Dr. Rhoton has supervised multiple outpatient clinics, juvenile justice programs, and programs, and child and family therapeutic services. Additionally, Dr. Rhoton has advanced training in child and adolescent trauma treatment, family therapy, and family trauma.

Dr. Rhoton served as president of the Arizona Trauma Therapy Network from 2010 through 2012. Dr. Rhoton was a Professor at Ottawa University in the Behavioral Sciences and Counseling Department whose primary interests were training counselors to work with traumagenic family dynamics, child and family trauma, and non-egoic models of treatment.

Dr. Rhoton is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and collaborates and consults with numerous Arizona agencies fine tuning their understanding of trauma and the impact of developmental trauma on the individual and family. Dr. Rhoton also serves on the Arizona Department of Health Services Trauma Informed Care (TIC) task force as a community member.

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